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Emma Czornobaj gets 90 days in jail for duck-stopping deaths

A Quebec Superior Court judge sentenced Emma Czornobaj to 90 days in jail today for causing two deaths after stopping on the highway to rescue ducklings. The 26-year-old woman from the Montreal suburb of Châteauguay will also be prohibited from driving for 10 years and must perform 240 hours of community service. [1]

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Lock & encrypt your cellphone to prevent warrantless searches

Since the police always had the right to search your cell phone (or anything on you or in your vehicle, for as long as they had probable cause) you may want to password protect and encrypt your device (cellphone and laptop). Protect your privacy from “Big Brother” spies, you have the right to remain silent and they will need a warrant to go further, if encrypted, a warrant won’t help the police.

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