Akimo @ Sophie’s Dog Adoption

I’m Akimo, a 17-month-old White Shepherd mix, with maybe Samoyed.

I’ve had a bad start, as I was purchased very young by a large family.

I was a sweet and cute puppy, but with having no structure, I soon became the leader of the pack.

I became protective of my surroundings, mostly outdoors, and escalated until I got to be full size.

I was dumped at a boarding/training facility (thankfully) where I got training, socialization and evaluated. After 3 months there, I was becoming restless. I had a potential adopter lined up, but he didn’t listen to the directives, and my protective side came out.

Here’s what I am looking for: a single person, active, knowledgeable about my type of breed/characteristics, someone alpha who will show me love, structure and be the leader I need.

I can thrive with the right person but can get worst with the wrong one. I am super friendly, affectionate, smart, obedient, calm but I need you to be the pack leader, not a softie!

If you live in a rural environment and think you would like to give me a chance, I would love to meet you. I am waiting for my soul mate, and I believe it can happen.


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