RimaSec Internet Services – 7 years of services

The WebToday 7 Years ago, Matt and I created RimaSec Internet Services. I kept it running for the last 6 years alone. Today is time to shut it down and to restructure something new. I’ll keep the company name that developed and ran World of Wars on the Facebook Platform. From here on out we shall see what future holds in store.

The web hosting accounts that just use static pages I’ll keep hosting free of charge for the life of this server “nyc.rimasec.net”. Don’t expect any support from me if something breaks. I’m now focusing my energy on charitable work, such as Sophie’s Dog Adoption and Wicca’s K-9 Justice Foundation.

It was fun while it lasted, the web hosting economy is just not worth it anymore. I was running RimaSec as a hobby in the end and not as a business.

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