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Zello & GMRS PTT RoIP Network

RPTN.NET – Romeo Papa Tango November Point November Echo Tango – (Romeo to Tango)

downloadYou can find me by monitoring GMRS (UHF/FM) 462.5625 MHz, 462.5500 MHz, 462.6000 MHz, 462.6750 MHz & 462.7250 MHz with a tone squelch of 141.3 Hz. I’m also running a RoIP gateway (echo repeater) on 462.7250 MHz using a 141.3 Hz CTCSS code. The gateway currently only has one node and it is located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough of Montreal, Quebec.

Vous pouvez me trouver sur les ondes GMRS (UHF / FM) 462,5625 MHz, 462,5500 MHz, 462,6000 MHz, 462,6750 MHz et 462,7250 MHz avec un silencieux de tonalité de 141,3 Hz. J’ai également une passerelle RoIP (répéteur écho) sur 462,7250 MHz en utilisant un code CTCSS 141,3 Hz. La passerelle est situé dans l’arrondissement Notre-Dame-de-Grace a Montréal, Québec.

I also monitor 462.5625 MHz without any CTCSS codes during special events and emergencies. Je surveille également 462.5625 MHz sans codes CTCSS lors d’événements spéciaux et les urgences.

2014-06-27 16.07.00Here are some of the Zello channels I monitor and use daily. Voici quelques-uns des canaux Zello que je surveille et j’utilise tous les jours:

Meteo Quebec – CanWarn
Circulation 730 (linked to 462.6750 MHz)
Essence Montreal (linked to 462.6750 MHz)
Dog Rescue
Cat Rescue
Petluck (linked to 462.6750 MHz)
Waze Quebec
Sophie’s Dog Adoption (linked to 462.5500 MHz)

More channels I monitor and use:

Agent Canin
Biking in Montreal
Bitcoin Montreal
Competition feux d’artifices a Montreal
Festivale de Jazz de Montreal
Meteo Montreal
Montreal Cop Watch
Montreal Gasoline
Montreal Jazz Festival
Montreal en velo
Montreal Taxi Commun
Patrouille Montreal
PMR446 Radio-Network
GMRS462 Radio-Network (linked to 462.7250 MHz)
Quartier des spectacle
Quebec Cat Transport
Quebec Dog Transport
Southern Ontario Canwarn
Spotted Police Gatineau
Spotted: Montreal
Transport de chiens & chats
Urgence Animales
Ville de Montreal

Police scanners:

Montreal Police S.P.V.M

Montreal Traffic:

Circulation 730

My traffic reports can also be found on twitter.

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