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The catch 22 is that fur farms are not legally allowed to sell as pets. Everyone so far that claims a legal fox in Canada has been unable to say what breeder they got it from. Its been implied that they are purchased illegally from fur farms.

25. Every animal hunted, trapped or acquired, any fish caught or acquired or gained and fur found in the possession of a person is presumed to have been hunted, trapped, fished or acquired, as the case in Quebec unless proves otherwise.
1983, c. 39, a. 25.

26. No person may disturb, destroy or damage a beaver dam or eggs, nest or lair of an animal.
So you can’t take one from the foxes den and one old enough to run around would make a horrible pet.

42. To keep an animal in captivity or to capture in order to keep in captivity and, if necessary, to have a person must hold a license issued for this purpose and comply with the standards, quantities and conditions prescribed by regulation. does not null and void the other law saying you can’t disturb a den. But your linked document is not all there is http://www.mrn.gouv.qc.ca/lois/lois-faune.jsp Rules about animals in captivity ( RRQ, c. C-61.1, r.5 )

(ss. 13 and 14)
Mammals Class
Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Mink (Mustela vison)
D. 1238-2002, Ann. III.

But this would only apply I guess if you planned to breed them. Other members however have said before they contacted fur farmers and were told they could not sell to the public. Maybe this is a provincial rule and not national? The above did say fox and mink could be sold but if a national law prevents it that wouldn’t matter. Fur farm is your only reasonable choice though, if they are allowed, an older kit from the wild is not something you want to take on.

Some users on this page (Krystelle, FoxyRoxyMom) own foxes and yet they still live in Canada.

Krystelle has yet to say just how these foxes are owned legally, all she has been able to do is continue to claim that they are, with no proof to back it up. Until there is evidence of how she is legally keeping these foxes, if she has them at all, then I will continue to assume that they are not legally possessed and will continue to tell people that foxes are not legal in Canada.
If anyone knows luccistar’s real identity, address, etc. Please post it here. it is about time someone pay this loser a visit, complete with a lawyer and sheriff.

Hahahahahaha! I was browsing deviantart and found Luccistar and was like “this does not sound legit…” and came to Sybil to check it out (I found you guys way back when SibFox was shut down and I followed Kay’s story ^^).

I reported her to The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) at info@antifraudcentre.ca, as well as on DeviantArt. Since SibFox, I’ve been so GRRR ANGRY at scammers like this D:
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Rick Cognyl Fournier Krystelle VS Potatoes care to comment on this?
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Oh well I am not really worried actually
26 mins

Rick Cognyl Fournier That’s all you have Oh well?
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Rick Cognyl Fournier Here is your chance to help, expose the farmers you deal with, or down you go…
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Krystelle VS Potatoes I have nothing to prove sweety. I will wait for them to come here again. You could even come see it by yourseld in few days and report me again
27 minutes ago

Krystelle VS Potatoes You idiot…
27 minutes ago

Rick Cognyl Fournier lol
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Krystelle VS Potatoes This is what I tried to expose with the ones eho are like St-Jude.
26 minutes ago

Krystelle VS Potatoes Lolll
26 minutes ago

Rick Cognyl Fournier The ministry is the least of your worries right now…
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Rick Cognyl Fournier So who traded the fox with Rodier?
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Still I am not affraid and cannot wait to see if your balls were big enough to come meet me.
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Nobody did as far as I know but I
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Krystelle VS Potatoes know I would not trade mine for his breeding stock…
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Anda is the one making it all up but if you refuse my help, then animals will suffer because of you.
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Have nothing to prove. Anyone interrested to know more can message me but if you are impolite and not mature enough to post an adult comment like this Rick Cognyl Fournier, please consider that you’ll lose a turn. Thanks!
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Rick Cognyl Fournier ” TAME THE WILD from Quebec Canada
they claim to have many different foxes and try to claim they “domestic foxes” AT this time, it is possible (but not proven) they have a fur farm permit. It is possible the kits they sell could be illegal, mostly for importing/exporting. The cost of their foxes is about $1200.00. These fox kits are fox fur farm kits” and some or most will not be as tame as they claim. If you are paying more than $450.00-$500.00, you are being ripped off. and could end up with a difficult fox. Also, their care sheet has a lot of incorrect information.”

FYI; this is the person who runs Tame The Wild Ranch (The Fox Den)

(Krystelle Bolduc)

She’s already selling foxes with her accomplice ahem I mean partner and I suspect has bought some from him in the past. I know for sure she once traded one of her “beloved” foxes for another one from this same fur guy in St-Jude.

This just in, Krystelle is the fucker who sells them and mistreats them and Anda told me has even beaten at least one that she got from her. Anda is NOT the enemy here. We should leave her alone and focus on the actual culprit I think.

Sure we might not agree with everything, but she does not sell them and only seems to want to love them and have as pets. While again we may have differing views on that, it’s legal apparently. I’ve been doing some poking and will do more, but it appears legit. Since Krystelle is the one selling them and who abuses them it’s said, I feel this evil bitch should get the full force of the ARA army. Lets expose her business and try to stop her from continueing the sale of foxes. She no doubt sells to m,ny fur farms too, as I heard from a contact that she also owns a fur farm as well!

Anda just wanted to collect money to try and save some foxes, her intentions were pure. She is the one who I heard said that this asshole at JNJ wants to stop breeding foxes and concentrate on mink.
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Rick Cognyl Fournier Again, I don’t need your help, don’t forget, you are part of the investigation and part of the problem at hand lol.
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Rick Cognyl Fournier The Americans will enjoy this information
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Krystelle VS Potatoes Ahahahaah
19 minutes ago

Rick Cognyl Fournier You had your chance, ciao…
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