Neglected horse in Ontario – 28/09/2014

Another case of neglect that the OSPCA is neglecting to act on. This neglected horse has been there for some time. The public is urged to call Bonnie Bishop of the Cornwall OSPCA by phone at 613-936-0072 to demand that action be taken to help this horse.

The horse is located at 35 Concession Road 9 Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, ON K0B 1M0

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  1. Paul Garrison, what’s not OK is that this owner has already been charged with cruelty and neglect in the past. As it can been seen they still have animals. As for feeding the horse, it sure has feed, it grew 3 times in weight in the last year. If adding such weight on it’s bad leg appears fine to you then that’s your prerogative. Providing adequate care is not justified by overfeeding it. I would hate being a horse boarded at your facility… This owner is by far no horse rescue, he’s a scrapper with a history of neglecting his animals. It’s time the OSPCA stopped failing to discharge of their legal duties…

    In my opinion, this horse should be humanly euthanized, if a vet clears the horse that’s another story. Unfortunately the OSPCA is not a transparent police force, it violates charter rights and access to information laws. As for PETA – It is what is… I don’t agree with many of the PETA ways. Your ignorance puzzles me, people have attempted to get this horse surrendered without luck, it’s a common occurrence with hoarders, buying the horse from an “abuser” would do it no justice when the OSPCA is legally upheld to enforce the law.

    This would not be the first time Bonnie Bishop chief inspector for the Cornwall OSPCA has accepted brown envelopes to close her eyes. Just look at Teja’s and the many court documents including Bishops name and it’s association to corruption…

  2. HELP THIS HORSE…HELP THIS HORSE,, NEGLECT. Are you unknowing peta lovers just plain stupid ,, Is this crippled horse thin? the answer.
    Does he not have feed?
    YES is the answer,,
    Some person is keeping this crippled horse alive ,, paying for its meals and veterinarian, so it can live,,
    Personally beats me why. I myself would get the $300 and save a sound one
    If your so damn interested in this horse YOU GO BUY IT,, and feed it, and shut your mouth
    Sighned ,,
    Paul Garrison


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