Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Dog & Cat News, Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014.

Who shot Maggie the Cat in the leg? The SPCA wants your help

The Montreal SPCA is asking for the public’s help in finding the person who shot a BB gun pellet into a young adult cat’s leg last week. Source: [1]

Calgary trauma dog appears at sex-assault trial

This week marked one of the first times a therapy dog played a support role in a Canadian courtroom. Source: [1]

Singing dog makes even traffic tolerable

German Walter Ledermueller and his partner Emanuel have achieved Internet fame by recording themselves singing in the car with Junior, their dog. Source: [1]

Here’s a Dog Collar That Lets Humans Train Man’s Best Friend From Anywhere

Now you can keep an eye on your pup, and even bark commands to him from afar thanks to WÜF, a new, two-way communication “smart” dog collar. Source: [1]

28 Dogs from a central Wisconsin puppy mill Monday

Despite years of living in tiny wire cages, the dogs rescued Monday by the Clark County Humane Society are energetic balls of white, brown and black fluff ready for fun and love. Source: [1]

Mall Santa turns down autistic girl with pit bull service dog

A Santa Claus in a Southern California mall was given a lump of coal and a pink slip after allegedly turning away an autistic girl because he was afraid of her pit bull service dog. Source: [1]

Severely matted dog found in Buffalo home

A Buffalo couple is facing animal cruelty charges after SPCA officers found a severely matted dog in the basement of a home. Source: [1]

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