The SPVM is now applying Quebec’s weak animal cruelty laws, why Mario and not the Berger Blanc?


If it was up to the City of Montreal there would be no stray dogs or humans on the Island. Their plan, euthanasia and harassment.

The Montreal police seized Mario Paquet’s pack of dogs, accusing him of animal cruelty. It’s been a long battle between Mario and the City of Montreal, be it with the police or the municipal canine department, every year the City is after Mario for something, nitpicking, last summer they seized his van despite the van having a lower blue book value than the ticket that warranted such seizure.

A few years ago the Montreal police seized Renegat who was the first Pitbull to escape from a death order, only to have the Berger Blanc euthanize Renegat the same day. Unfortunately for Mario he didn’t have the resources for a legal suit against Berger Blanc at the time, his delay to do so has now expired.

In 2007 Mario had won a court battle with the City of Montreal that wanted Renegat executed for attacking a cop, but as the court records describe, Renegat was only protecting Mario from the police who had been rough waking him up. The Judge wondered if a death order or a medal for bravery was appropriate for Renegat. The Judge spared Renegat’s life, despites the City’s objections.

Killing Renegat wasn’t enough to break Mario’s determination to fight back. When the City of Montreal seized Mario’s van, his dogs were in there. The dogs ended up at Berger Blanc and Mario was able to bail them out of impound, but now unable to pay for his van he surrendered it.

Mario eventually got a new van, things were good, but the Montreal police seized his dogs, this time with cruelty accusations. To make things even worse his dogs are now at the Berger Blanc under police custody.

A petition was created to support Mario, he might be a nomad living a van, but never would he intend to neglect or be cruel with his family (dogs). After all opinions and morals debated, the criminal code needs to meet the “intent” requirements of the law.

The Montreal police might have a busy summer this year, that is to assume that they will enforce the law equally, but since the Berger Blanc is still open we already know that the answer to that assumption is a negative.

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