Canada Day protest against Canada and all colonial borders

Anticolonial July 1st, 2015

Le 1er Juillet - MANIF DE NUIT - Anticolonial #CanadaDay
Photo: @rickfournier

On the 1st of July for #CanadaDay 2015 about 75 anti-colonialist protesters gathered at Place Jacques-Carter to oppose Canada and Quebec’s theft of resources and the illegal occupation of land belonging to Indigenous nations.

As the Canadian government prepares for celebrations in 2017, marking 150 years since confederation, this July 1st, we will not forget.” (Anticolonial flyer)

On a day that celebrates this ongoing history of violence, death and trauma with a sense of pride and entitlement, the protesters renew their commitment to resist against Canada and all colonial borders as they cheered “Ni Patrie, Ni Etat, Ni Quebec, Ni Canada“!

Night demonstration against Canada, Quebec and all colonial borders
Livestream screenshot: @rickfournier

The protest was organized by the Anticolinial July 1st Committe, a comitte formed by settlers and migrants involved in anti-deportation, anticolonial, and anticapitalist struggles.

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