March 4, 2024

What does Cinar(s) and Prince Arthur have to do with Freemasons?


The Connaught Lodge of Montreal was “created” in 1929, Prince Arthur was Duke of Connaught.

On St-Laurent street we find a metal plaque with the 1929 date. The corner street is called Prince Arthur.

We also have a tall red building, named Balfour located at 3575 St-Laurent.

On the first floor we have a company named Arthur & Merlin. A big black door, locked with a new address posted on the door. 89 Sherbrooke O, I call the number and find out it’s an advertising firm called Arthur & Merlin.

Ok, but we have two names on this imposing black door, Cinars for one. The Welsh Arts? (one thinks of Obelix and Asterix) or Cinar? (one thinks of the kids book & cartoon Arthur). After all of this, one knows that Masons have been directly involved with the Art Association of Montreal since at least 1888, that’s when the Presidency was held by a Mason.

I later find this online, Arthur: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll ->

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