June 24, 2024

A town to discover! What’s really behind the T.M.R fence?


Searching, following the rabbit into it’s hole, what was discovered one wonders.

The Mount Royal Club, The Mount Royal Curling Club to be exact, M.R.C.C. It now operates as a tennis club “Mount Royal Country Club”.

What’s Royally special about this place? It’s where Prince Arthur learned how to play the game of Curling and he enjoyed it.

Did he reveal secrets about the King Arthur and the tales of Merlin the Druid in exchange for a fun time? His Curling teacher was also a Mason so after all was said and done, secrets could be kept.

How far deep in the rabbit hole, does the Royal Bloodline flow within the Island of Montreal? The Island of Lilie’s, tales from a song about Camelot by the Lady of Shalott.

Let’s look at the stone in front of the tree, it reads: “Ye are all the fruits of one tree” Baha’u’llah (1817-1892)

Now let’s look at the pillar with the sword cast into stone. It’s a World War II memorial, it reads: “In memory of those who fell” – “This monument was unveiled by Field Marshall the Viscount of Alexander of Tunis Governor General of Canada”.

The park is called the Peace Palace and it’s located right in front of the Town of Mount Royal, Town Hall building, located 100 or so meters away from the “Tree of Life” that’s located in the Connaught Park.

Prince Arthur was Duke of Connaught, The Connaught Lodge of Montreal (1929-1975) has a “hereditary” tree that goes back to the Westmount Lodge of Montreal (1898-present).

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