June 24, 2024

A masonic discourse, book found at the McCord Museum


My search revolves around McGill and the McCord for a simple reason, the McGill Faculty Club now owns the Baumgarten house on McTavish Street. Mr. Baumgarten of the Montreal Hunt Club was a Mason, ballroom tales of the bourgeois of the days. Knowing I would find clues at the McCord, I found a book that I can’t read. Its first page is titled A MASONIC DISCOURSE, since it sits behind a glass, I don’t have the ability to turn the page! This turns out to be a rare book, rare I say, because it can’t be found in the Library of the Grand Lodge of Quebec. Lost history, censored history, I don’t like not being able to read what’s in front of me. I can’t find the book in any library or book store, be it online or offline. Unfortunately because of the lighting and camera phone used to take this picture, the overall quality makes majority of the text illegible. However since this is the only proof that I have that this book does in fact still exist, the search for another copy continues. I found a better copy of the front page from the McCord’s website, however it has no more information. Find out what I have discovered about this book and it’s author so far.

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