February 27, 2024

I’ll start with how it all started, Huskies and a Hunter’s Club.


image The “Hunt Club” was the first clue that led me to a tale of Freemasons in Montreal City, Quebec, Canada (Also known as: Nouvelle France / New France).

Someone once told King Louis XVI of France “it’s a Dog’s life”, the King later replied “indeed it is, A Dog’s life.” following a conversation about the French Revolution.

This all started with a Dog story that I was working on, 37 Huskies tied to trees in Lachute. The land was owned by 3 cities, on which The “Montreal Hunt Club” operates from and the other land is operated by the garbage dump of Lachute, surrounded by a forest.

Once informed about this hunter’s club, I followed tales of history into a deep rabbit hole.


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