July 12, 2024


Claudine Prud’homme writes: We would also ask that you remove from your sites any mention of PSM, including in Bronson’s description, seeing that it does not reflect the truth.

Now let’s look at the truth; Claudine writes: Contrary to what you stated, Bronson WAS taken by PSM.  Seeing that we have 3 other dogs urgently in need of getting out of the SPCA, seeing that out of the 4, Bronson is the one who looks less like a pit (WE are a pit-bull type rescue and unfortunately, the people approaching us are looking to adopt “pit-bull” type dogs) and seeing that he is brindle (for the year we have been in operation, we realize that for a reason or another, brindles and black dogs are LESS popular and it’s harder for us to find a home – see Brownie…who has now been waiting a forever home for more than 1 year) well..seeing all that, I told Debbie to go for it, that if you were willing to do it, then be my guess and transfer Bronson over to SDA.  So yes, it’s true that I stated that he was less looking like a “pit-bull” and that he was brindle. But words have to stay in context.  Debbie’s evaluation might refer to a dog as being “too intense”….FOR THE SPCA.

Now let’s look at what Sophie wrote: I’m Bronson, and was taken off deathrow from the SPCA Montreal, where they thought me “too intense”. And Pit Stop said I didn’t look “pit” enough and dark brindled pit mixes were not popular so they would not take me under their wing.

Now how does this description written by Sophie not reflect the facts? You guys should know better but to waste time on this, we air the truth, we don’t make it pretty when it’s not. I’ve been asked what to do about you guys bashing the Wicca case, I responded in nothing, they have their right to the almighty freedom of expression. Be lucky this was all that was said about you guys. I have serious problems with the way you guys handled the Wicca case, the CSPCA only stood up after CBC cameras showed up.

Now to clear up some misinformation in this Bronson story, I was personally contacted by a high school friend asking if Bronson had any chance at the CSPCA and/or if SDA could pull him out. It was his friend who found the dog, since Bronson didn’t get along with his male the CSPCA was his only option at that time. Once alerted about the case, I told my friend that Pit Stop would most likely take him out if he was good. That’s how I got the pink slip, Sophie called Debbie to find out if Bronson had passed or not. That’s when he was listed as Alana’s special project, once Sophie got the call his time was up on May 30th; she delayed the CSPCA until the 9th of June.

We didn’t have room at the time, so our intent was never to take Bronson unless his time was truly expired. At which point it was, at the time we would have preferred if someone else took him in, as we had a lot on our plate. The same thing with Tie-Wrap, we asked S.A.R.S if they had contacted Pit Stop, they said yes and that they were full. It’s a shame that once you share a dog, tag it with a PS number, and if no one steps up to foster them out of the pound, down they go. Consider yourselves lucky this was the only bad press you got from us.

Clean up your act, or don’t complain once your actions or inactions are exposed.

3 thoughts on “Pit Stop Montreal, the Bronson story

  1. seriously is there anyone you dont fight with or create drama?? i think its high time people start knowing truth about you… you bad mouth people, twist stories around and hide behind a computer.. you have no idea about this group and the amazing work they do.. enough is enough.. people are starting to see truth..you are always stirring trouble everywhere for no reason.. you claim you tell the truth.. well truth has two side to the story and on this one!! i can tell you yiu are wrong.. i suggest you start promoting and educting in a good way instead of always declaring war or thinking you are putting truth out there when in fact you couldnt be further from the truth! this is a personal war on many levels and tour dragging an honest and respectful rescue that does amazing work down in the dirt …. enough with your drama wars and claiming only you are doing amazing work in rescue world.. people had enough of gearing you whine.. you do gour wown thing and leave the other rescues out of it. let the public judge if theyre doing a good job or not.. nobody declared u a judge for you to judge others.. its getting tiresome.. and i have t said anything but now i think its high time we all speak up against you bashing everyone and many reputable people reputations!! you can edit and copy paste pieces of conversations and make it look like a totally different story.. no one is perfect in a rescue world and they alltry their best.. but its obvious some are more professional than others and mpre responsible…

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