May 19, 2024

The Montreal SPCA does not like the term death row



The Bronson story has also angered the Montreal CSPCA. They don’t like the term death row and they consider it defamatory.

Since when did the CSPCA turn no-kill? I wonder! Again it is what it is. Factual truths that they want me to sugar coat for the greater good.

So again I will not censor the truth. If the administration at the CSPCA disagrees with its staff they should coach them to sugar coat the truth.

2 thoughts on “The Montreal SPCA does not like the term death row

  1. In regards to the animal crisis, and lets not lie please, only the blind can’t see facts!! As the bible states:
    A blind man cannot lead a blind man!!
    Before I start, I have no vested interest either with Sophie or her son nor any rescue. I had a dog that was adopted in 2000 from an SPCA so I did business with two Mtl n Laval. I was called stupid n making a bad choice in Laval by their vet
    and the famous Dr Beaulieu was scsred as …… to treat my dog. I went to three places that adored her two retired and the service was A++. She loved the holistic doctor n he changed my opinion.
    Imagine a family of four huskies she was the youngest and declared unfit by the SPCA. They euthanised the family infront of her!! Her only friend was a cat.
    They both were next n the vet called me nuts you will have probs bla bla bla. I took her home. Yes I had probs yes it was a difficult decision but it was the best in my life!!
    One must remember the SPCA MTL OSPCA CSPCA. all are in favour of gas chambers. Please refer to a report submitted to le M.A.P.A.Q or go on gas chambers animals N.F.L.D. The OSPCA were we ship animals from qc to save them are in favour n say its a humane way to kill animals!! I use kill because 90% are adoptable animals. Quebec is called the worst place but how many gas chambers are still used in Ontario?? The stories I am told more than people think.
    The OSPCA feels it ok to electrocute dogs or shoot or gas and gave this report to the NFLD GOVT.Don’t believe?? Go on animal gas chambers and NFLD.
    Never forget they are also in favor of lab research on animals!! Rescues pressure govt more!!
    Do you belive that 30 000 to 40 000 intakes in Mtl end up in adoption?? Do you think they don’t sell the animals to labs?? Go to Mtl n one thing u can smell is animals being cremated.
    Never forget Gatineau SPCA or Sherbrooke or even Quebec gasded animals for years.
    St. Michel/Villeray wanted to cancel the contract with le Berger n give it to SPCA MTL GUESS WHAT!! THEY REFUSED!!
    Mtl SPCA for years helped worked with n washed their hands of innocent sale torture and gassing of animals at SCDD INSPECTEUR CANINE GL. SCAD MIRABEL
    ETC. Never forget GL use to kill dogs with a shotgun n cats were drowned. Another electrocuted ie Drummondville.
    One must never forget organised crime is behind the animal domaine. The Saputos have a farm animals were abused a car dealer Italian near SPCA MTL has a farm both fund liberals and have mob ties.
    Pet shops were firebombed including one in Joliette i believe in 2013 and never forget the bombing at Yogi on Jean Talon Pie IX in 1995 . Hells Angels close to Msurice Mom Boucher were getting rival bikers.
    Certain security agencies with permits from le gouvernement providing guard dogs n guards are biker held.
    In Italy Italian mob breed 600 000 puppies per year which they sell to Bulgaria Romania etc organised crime groups. Dog fighting is a sport with mob.
    The FBI recently raided mob pet stores n arrested mobsters.
    Is this the faith for our creatures of God?? We need real groups n real people not puppet shows only for money. SPCA’s are not volunteers they are payed six digits.
    Ps my excuses to those that the animals at heart.

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