June 24, 2024


We once again located Joe Dalton (Daniel Charbonneau) and Ma Dalton his wife (Johanne Parent). They moved into Daisytown, the irony. City hall has confirmed their unwanted arrival. More developments will be announced in due time.

We also got contacted by two breeders who are looking for Ma Dalton, she didn’t pay her dues and their searching to get their dogs back. Out of the three dogs owed one has died from injuries caused in a dog fight. The other two are still alive (we think).

We know Joe Dalton now has a shack (barn) to house his pack of 40 plus dogs. So operation Daisytown is a go.

13 thoughts on “Operation Daisytown is a go

  1. Walks in the woods … need to get my swamp boots out then, lots of rain in the forecast Dee-Ann Gallant

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