April 24, 2024

The SPVM breaks in illegally & shoots another dog


The SPVM shot a Cane Corso last Saturday night! A couple was out having drinks that evening when the boyfriend felt sick and the couple headed home early (before 1 am). The boyfriend passes out in the front steps of the apartment building and a neighbour calls for an ambulance.

Once the police and paramedics arrive, it turns out the boyfriend has a warrant for unpaid tickets, so he runs and locks himself up in the apartment. The SPVM forcefully breaks in, only to see a large Cane Corso lunging towards the cops. The cop got bit in the arm, 5 shots fired and the dog is dead.

Now that they have the boyfriend in custody they close down the apartment as a crime scene and no one can enter the apartment for the next 24 hrs. The SPVM brings the body to the Berger Blanc, only to go and come back hours later to pick up and deliver the carcass to MAPAQ for an autopsy. Since the cop was bitten, rabies is a concern for the SPVM and MAPAQ.

The girlfriend wanted to do a private cremation but was unable to locate the body. Berger Blanc claims MAPAQ had the body, MAPAQ confirms it did, however they no longer have the body, it was cremated and disposed of after it tested negative on rabies.

The SPVM police reports will be released once I get my hands on them, the jurisprudence created by Mario Paquette will be used in this case to remove a police officers right to shoot dogs, now that they carry stun guns. The boyfriend was taized while trying to protect his dog but it was to late, how can you justify using more force than required to execute such warrant. Was it not a restricted warrant? Why didn’t the SQ investigate? the SPVM had the scene for 24hrs!

5 thoughts on “The SPVM breaks in illegally & shoots another dog

    1. It is montreal. Id punch one of u cops in the darn face. MAPAQ should’ve called owner to claim its negative and what she wants to do with the dog. I dont even know id react. My dogs are my kids. Id fight till the end.

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