April 23, 2024

2012-12-20 15.52.25That’s why Sophie uses Fournier only, the city got fooled once again. This is a reply to a request to access information. They tried to wash their hands of this matter. Caroline Fisette wrote this letter, she used to work at the Cote-St-Luc city hall with Sophie, had she known it was the same Sophie we would have gotten the right documents. This is what the City does to “strangers”, as if the SPVM meter maids are under Stationnement Montreal, a private corporation :D I pissed myself reading this….

I called 311, they transferred me to 911. The answer to the question is “ADS” :D All this to get a report for a parking ticket issued last month, it’s what sparked the SPVM meter maid hunt…

We consider this a refusal to release documents that we are allowed to have by law. Ignorance is not a defense. Sophie left Caroline a message, to which she replied. It can be heard below. We knew the answer, but making them run around is fun… SPVM meter maids are public works employees given a title of peace officer :D.

Public Service Act, RSQ, c F-3.1.1

5. Every public servant is bound ex officio to be loyal and to bear allegiance to constituted authority.

A public servant shall perform his duties in the public interest, to the best of his ability, with honesty and impartiality, and shall treat the public with consideration and diligence.

1983, c. 55, s. 5.

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