June 24, 2024

melanie-arton-3 The name Wicca caught my attention so already I was on the case when I was later contacted about Refuge Calinours and Melanie Arton. Turns out she named a puppy Wicca in honour of the Pitbull that was killed by the City of Montreal during the summer of 2012.

It was out of curiosity since Wicca is not a common dogs name.


I was later asked to investigate this post. A pitbull with papers claiming to be purebred in a so called rescue that is adopting the dog out “as is” with a non reproduction contract.

In my opinion this sounded like a backyard breeder / puppymill mutt and not a registered purebred. Melanie Arton refused to reveal who the breeder was, only that it was a good breeder and it was done right.

So doing some research I find out that Refuge Calinours always has puppies available for adoption. Some CKC registered and others not.


melanie-arton-2Melanie Arton on the other hand is refusing the give out names, she does not wan’t to cause problems. – Well she did anyways, without naming anyone.

So from this point on I’ve got very little info, yet that gives me plenty of information to work with.

I find out her “adoption fees” are $300 at discount.

I find a Josee Bergeron, Anne-Julie Boucher and Valerie Auclair that are of interest. I find Elevage Auclair de Lune & Elevage les P’tites Betes and bingo.

I found the registered Beagles @ Elevage les P’tites Betes ran by Anne-Julie Boucher and I  suspect the Pitbulls came from Elevage Auclair de Lune ran from Valerie Auclair.


Despite not finding the same picture I find the same pink and black couch at Elevage Auclair de Lune with what appears to be (in my opinion) Finnish Lapphunds puppies.

I eventually find an old post that has Melanie Arton confirming the Pitbull came from a Valerie (that would be Valerie Auclair).


Now I find an old name that has been of interest since the Lachute Huskies and that’s Giselle Anaya. She also has tons of puppies, I had suspected even one of Johanne Parent’s Finnish Lapphunds, I could never get a straight answer from Giselle.


I already knew that Giselle deals with the Roy brothers in Mirabel, one runs Protection Canine Mirabel and the other Production Canine Mirabel. My next post will be about Danno Cusson and his dog Ranger, Bill Cusson and his dog that’s part of the 75th regiment of Rangers. Danno got “Ranger” his German Shepherd from the Roy brothers.

Mr. Cusson has since testified in court that he and Ranger had no formal K9 search-and-rescue training, but that he had learned a lot about dog handling through reading and intense contact with professional dog handlers.

Addressing the court, Julian Porter held up an enlarged photo of Mr. Cusson, who was an OPP officer at the time, standing at Ground Zero dressed in a shirt with RCMP patches on the shoulders, a police belt and black pants with yellow stripes. “You intended to look like a Mountie, didn’t you?” Mr. Porter said.

“No, sir,” said Mr. Cusson on the witness stand

3 thoughts on “Refuge Calinours re: Melanie Arton

  1. Hi My name is David Cain and I am hoping someone could help me locate contact info for Danno Cusson and his dog Ranger K9, Danno stayed in my apartment before I deployed to Iraq as a Medic and while overseas I helped him attain employment with K9 International working as a K9 bomb dog handler, have not spoken with him since 2005 any info to help me make contact with him would be great and get an update on him his dog and how they are doing genuinely Sincerely Dave Cain 613-301-2666

  2. There are only five rescues max six I would trust with my life. To avoid any judicial fallout for me or for the site, I will refrain from mentionning the names.
    One so called rescue with dogs ranging from german shepherds huskies pits bullies etc. It was run by a female francophone. Her intentions might of been good, but everytime one called for info to adopt she never called back or answered numerous emails.
    Bizarre, one husky was up for adoption 4 years almost and ended up on a kijiji ontario ad!!! Duhhhhhh!!!!
    When looking at the pics it looked more like vhicken coops than dog housing and the wood looked rotten.
    Once again, her intentions might of been good, or were they?? Too many people can just open up a. so called rescue or shelter. The example is INSPECTEUR CANIN and Controle animalier GL which are in conflict of interest.
    They do animal control dites fourriere and they sell in a pet shop. They have been doing business for almost 20 years WITH OUR BENEDICTION AND$$$$$$$!!!
    We thru taxes finance all animal control since they all work on contract. It is not true they are a pay per kill that’s BS!!! We keep electing PQ PLQ and CAQ, all three very anti animal who allowed INSPECTEUR CANIN to use a sledge hammer to bass the brain out of an animal to euthanise it. We allowed GL to use a shotgun to kill animals one took 15 bullets before it died. These methods were replaced by gas chambers. Both killed over 50 000 animals with cruel methods. We allowed them!!!! We continue to vote PQ PLQ CAQ which are financed by organised crime in envelopes. The former mayor of Laval Gilles Vaillancourt flushed thousands of dollars in CASH DOWN THE TOILET!!! I repeat so we all understand HE FLUSHED CASH IN 100$ down the toilet so UPAC would have less evidence. CASH!! LAUNDERED MONEY!!!!!
    All munigipalities with UNITE PERMANENT ANTI COLLUSION U.P.A.C investigations or arrests or SQ. S.E
    .C.O. SECTION D ENQUETE SUR LE CRIME ORGANISE are the ones with no respect for animals. We were robbed by italian mobsters bikers crime syndicates and corrupt PQ PLQ CAQ. PLC P.C members 5 billion$. Do you think they respect animals these criminals?? Never forget the firebombing of YOGI’S PETSTORE on Jean Talon!! At least one petstore per year is firebombed the last in Joliette. Never forget M. Auger the Maire of St Lin a PQ.He gave and approved the gassing of animals at Inspecteur Canin. He also committed a major criminal act!!!!
    We must also stop the notion of quebec bashing. Yes we are bad, but the states is worse!! Did you see the pounds?? Lack of food no vets no techs just a college brat. The kill rate is 6 million per year and the cages are very dirty.They have no foster with rare exceptions. They do nothing to find the owners and they laugh at killing!!
    In San Antonio Texas 30 000 dogs were hit by cars in 2013. Public works scoops them up n throws in in a garbage dump.
    Ohhh the latino mayor of this city was named as PRESIDENT O BAMA’s chief!!!!!
    We are bad yes but good over all the states. BRITISH COLOMBIA with all the cash has 39 SPCA’s for 331 cities. They are full to max all year!!! Please look at Kijiji Ontario dogs for the anglo big mouths that will criticize.
    We must work harder with hard prayer to change man!!! He is too me myself I!!!

  3. U don’t no all about cusson I was there sad about ranger and opp how there handle the whole story shame on him and opp. Mental health how people new about the real truth but sweep under the floor

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