July 18, 2024

Security L.P, Security SERCA, Security SECUR-Action



If you wonder what these 3 security firms have in common, ask no more. The common link is Marco Ruscito of Lamarche & Pinard.

In 2007 after his father’s death Marco surrendered the healthy guard dogs owned by L&P to SERCA and filed for bankruptcy.

In 2012 Eric Beaupre pulls a similar stunt. He files for bankruptcy and the dogs go missing. Secur-Action surrenders the dogs to Élevage S.A, that company is also owned by the same Eric Beaupre. Serca claims it had an interest in the dogs.

Eric Beaupre & Marco Ruscito

Eric who owns a pit bull claims to LaPress that he’s afraid of dogs and doesn’t know what happened to them.

Hier, Éric Beaupré a dit que Sécur-Action a cédé l’escouade canine à un tiers car elle était déficitaire. Il aurait lui-même assumé des arrérages de loyer et des salaires de cette division après la vente. «La business de chiens valait zéro. De toute façon, j’ai peur des chiens à mourir», a dit M. Beaupré.

CIS Who do we find in the Ste-Justine-de-Newton kennels? Eric Poulin, of the Poulin family that owns CIS. I think we can all see a pattern here since Marco still co-owns parts of the Ste-Justine-de-Newton facility.

In 2007 Security L.P had contracts with the SPVM and SQ, in 2012 it was Security Secur-Action.

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