July 12, 2024

Montreal Dog Blog welcomes animal lab testers within their ranks



Nat Lauzon · 16 mutual friends Hi Rick – as the creator of Montreal Dog Blog, I’m proud of the good we’ve done and will continue to do to help pets, rescues (including yours) and people. We have an excellent team with the right ethos in mind. Hopefully, one day – we can lose useless noise like this that serves no point but to tear down others who are working toward the same goal. It’s sad, really. Now, that’s actually all I’ll say on this, because honestly? So much time is completely wasted on nonsense like this. Not just in this case – but in the animal rescue community at large. In all earnestness, I admire your passion (I don’t always agree – but I see it) and hope you will use it where it’s needed most – in pursuing your own fine rescue efforts. Take care.
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Rick Cognyl Fournier
 I might have grown up in the rescue world, I still work with a rescue, but I am not a rescue, Sophie is. Excellence is subject to interpretation. If it wasn’t for the 3 strikes I would still respect MDB, however I haven’t in years and don’t take it personally, but as I have seen it, the respect was lost based on other’s actions including your endorsement by omission. Some of what you might think are good ethics I don’t always agree with, however I don’t create useless noise – the militants do that on their own. 

I’ve supported the Quebec Animaux boycott for less, I’ve exposed some of it. I understand it’s a moral PR issue often, but adding Dr Stiles to your team was a bad move. She want’s to play politics and trust me, it’s a dirty game. When Sophie and I were refusing meetings and laughing at the wasted time dealt with Union Montreal last summer after the Wicca case, I clearly saw Dr Stiles motives. The CSPCA had warned Sophie about Stiles, sadly it was the cheapest option available within a desired time frame. It’s not my story to tell, but she is a useless vet.

My passion is technology and free information, I do respect the fact that you never banned me and allowed my controversial comments. I wouldn’t be involved with SDA if it wasn’t for a legal aspect (beside being the webhost). What’s most needed right now is to flush out the bad apples and I respected you dropping PFL during that saga, however that’s the only help we ever saw from you. 

I often laugh at some of the stories MDB comes up with when comparing what’s really out there, it’s nice to keep friends with the CSPCA and what not, but you perhaps are missing the bigger picture. I have enemies everywhere, within HSI, Anima Quebec, MAPAQ just about every SPCA/SPA and many rescues, I don’t care one bit. One thing I keep being reminded by those in the political world is that I have dirt on almost everyone that is dirty within this community I grew up in. 

I kept quiet about the GBF I don’t have time for that paperwork bullshit right now, I also know how slow paperwork with big brother can be. Don’t question yourself why SDA opted not to participate, sometimes a link of affiliation does damage. I don’t question your motives one bit to help, I question your execution and lack of research with who you get involved with. That is why Sophie’s recommendation list is small, that’s why she doesn’t name her sponsors, they don’t get anything out of it. Rescue should not be a publicity means. 

Since you come from the radio world, I very well know the marketing game for free prizes. But at what cost, obviously you would not give out Canadian Goose jackets for moral reasons, the same applies here. I’m not here to debate testing for saving lives, but to calm dogs that are ADHD with drugs, I had Pfizer’s Medical library as a dial up customer in the late 90’s. I sure would be interested in having Dr Stiles blog about that and McGill’s Darwin shared projects, as Dr Penfield said, we need a united database, lab testing is too much info for one person to die with, let’s not repeat our mistakes over and over again in the name of science… Since we are not saving lives but rather drugging dogs because of bad humans, I would think it logical to stay clear of such drama. (Since you usually stay clear of drama). I don’t, so I can’t – lol.

Ever wonder why Dr Penfield donated land to the city for as long as it remained a dog park? Perhaps a means to rest in peace… I wasn’t surprised the CSPCA didn’t even know about the small monument at beaver lake with it’s name on it  It’s a history they wanted to ignore and forget about. As Barnotti once said, land owners hiding under umbrella clubs. One example is l’Orde des Veterinaire. Now that our vet has retired and sold his clinic, I shall have no mercy on the order that refused an OSBL clinic.

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