April 23, 2024

The Dalton family goes to court fearing for their safety


joe-dalton_140918The Dalton crime syndicate started back in 2011 with the Huskies of Lachute. Joe Dalton made a deal with the SPCALL and surrendered his neglected dogs that were left abandoned tied to trees after getting evicted for nonpayment of rent. All 42 dogs got rescued in the end, some surrendered to rescues while others surrendered to the SPCALL (acting as MAPAQ).

However the story fails to end there, Ma Dalton has another 40+ dogs in neglected state. We’ve investigated the case at hand for the last two years. We’ve relocated the Dalton crime syndicate 3 times since, he’s been evicted two more times since this started two years ago.

We laid criminal charges on Joe Dalton and Ma Dalton for failing to provide shelter, we laid criminal charges on the SPCALL director for failing to discharge of a legal duty, the SPCALL director put the blame on Anima-Quebec, Anima-Quebec put the blame on MAPAQ. Anima-Quebec has officially closed it’s doors since 2013. All charges dropped by the Crown.

Joe Dalton fired a pellet gun at Sophie and myself during one of these evenings where we were investigating his whereabouts. We laid criminal charges for assault with a weapon, those charges are going to trial (July 11th, 2013).

Currently the Dalton crime syndicate is facing an onslaught from the justice system. The current landlords are going to Superior Court against the Dalton crime syndicate for eviction, removal of the dogs and so on. The municipality has taken the Dalton’s to court for removal of the dogs.

We last found the Dalton’s in Weedon (Le village des Dalton) OH THE IRONY, we found them by requesting access to information, by asking who had applied for a kennel permit. Ma Dalton the so called “brains” behind the crime syndicate later sent Sophie and myself many cease and desists letters, and by making a requests to access to information requesting all notes we have on them. Sophie and myself has no legal obligation to fulfill their request. Sophie is a private charity, not the government nor a publicly administered non-profit incorporation.

Because of what has been published online, landlords, breeders and etc… contact “Sophie’s Dog Adoption” once they are scammed by the Dalton crime syndicate, oh the power of the internet. A breeder in France never got paid for her bitch, ain’t that a bitch!.

The Dalton’s have also been found guilty of theft but sentencing has yet to happen. This has allowed the Dalton crime syndicate to postpone civil and penal cases against them because of ongoing criminal cases. To add to the onslaught the Dalton’s have decided to replace the Police and the Crown prosecutors who have as of yet refused to charge Sophie and myself with harassment charges on their behalf.

Since replacing incompetent authority has been a means we have used in the past, the Dalton’s are testing their luck against Sophie and myself.

They have sought out a peace order (article 810 of the Canadian Criminal Code) to issue a restraining order against Sophie and myself because they claim to have reasons to fear for their safety, the safety of their family because CBC exposed the kids, and their property, because they were forced to surrender the Huskies to MAPAQ.

The first Court date regarding the peace order was yesterday, the Dalton crime syndicate had no proof to submit, they figured a Private Prosecution would be like watching a play at the opera. They failed to realise the Crown (Department of Justice) was not prosecuting this case, the Dalton’s are. When asked where the proof was, the Dalton’s responded on Facebook. The Judge has given them until next Monday to submit the proof.

The Dalton’s plan right now is to again delay everything, forcing us with various useless trips to Court. I shall have a motion to file on Monday if they have no proof, I challenge the 810’s constitutional validity. Otherwise, I may very well have plenty of use for the 810 in the near future :) I wonder if Richard Bain can get a peace bond against Pauline Marois?! Did she make him crazy? does he fear for the safety of his property if Quebec separates? The Dalton crime syndicate thinks shooting at us is validated because he’s protecting his property!.

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