June 24, 2024

The Dalton crime syndicate submitted its proof


2013-06-04 18.09.39Yesterday the Dalton crime syndicate submitted its proof in court. They submitted a pile of 80 pages, of which are facebook posts and hand written arguments to defend their cause – not only did they submit what they consider  proof, but their entire playbook.

One thing we found out with this so called evidence that was submitted by the Dalton’s is how the dogs remained on the neighbors wooded lot. Mr Levasseur of MAPAQ had allowed Joe Dalton to tie his dogs on the wooded lot, did Mr Levassuer own that lot? We don’t know.

What we know is Joe Dalton had always claimed that he had permission to use the land, the landlord of the lot next door had told us that the owner in question was upset and wanted the dogs removed but had been told by MAPAQ that she had no choice but to endure the dogs during the MAPAQ investigation.

Under oath Ma Dalton claims that

Les chien n’avaient pas été abandonnés sur la propriété, mais “hébergés temporairement” sur la propriété du voisin avec l’accord du MAPAQ. M. Levasseur étant déjas dans le dossier pour tenter de replacer la meute d’alaskans qui étaient tous des chiens de refuge.


So here we have it folks, MAPAQ was helping the Dalton crime syndicate run from the law. The dogs were legally surrendered by the property owner, no agreement or warrant was ever needed. The landowner had every right to do as she pleased, even shooting the dogs.

2 thoughts on “The Dalton crime syndicate submitted its proof

  1. Trial date is for August the 12th. Back in Lachute they did have a valid kennel permit. The rescue story dates back to how he got them, “saving poor puppies” from his ex employer the musher.

    Also the Dalton’s wanted the trial date for this month, we refused, we have a criminal case against them. Her son Oliver is leaving for summer camp, he’s her only witness, so to court on August 12.

    The Judge also dated the trial 30+ days from now so that we could motion the attorney general for constitutional arguments to be allowed at trial. – We didn’t know if we would or not, after reviewing the proof we won’t.

    The evidence they have is full of junk, we warned the Judge before reviewing the evidence that we didn’t really care about the constitutional arguments for trial, that we would seek a civil suit using the charters as a remedy to these accusations if they provide to be enough to issue a peace bond. I reminded the Judge that the jurisprudences might not invalidate the law but allows for a charter remedy against a plaintiff. It borders a false declaration in a means to restrict one’s mobility and liberties.

    We are playing with the words of “personal injury” vs “physical injury”. The fear for their property or life is a joke. One peace bond could never limit my freedom of expression and within that freedom is the freedom of the press. So they won’t be able to gag me. We have no desire to be anywhere near the Dalton’s or in contact with them or 3rd parties unless we are investigating.

    In her own proof, she claims my posts to be defamation and libel yet she also confirms 95% of what I write is correct. I’ve yet to see one shred of evidence that can give her cause to fear for her life or safety of her dogs.

    In her own proof she includes a post where I tell Dee-Ann Gallant to back down, that there would be no walks in the woods this round, that the City is working with us this time around.

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