April 12, 2024

The Dalton crime syndicate is going bonkers


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Joe Dalton has officially gone bonkers. His new plan is to lay more criminal charges against Sophie, this time for pedophelia, you read right lol, pedophelia for having taken a picture of his son at a dog show.

The picture in question was taken to show a CKC/UKC/AKC sign that the Dalton’s quickly removed as they saw the camera. The pictures were never posted until now.

Perhaps the Dalton crime syndicate should not be letting unsupervised Dalton kids at a dog show, especially behind a table to sale puppies when in a public location. I wonder how many pictures where taken that day by adults that like to prance around with poodles. Really? pedophelia! This should be interesting…

Joe Dalton thinks Sophie hired a private eye, he was followed after court by someone he saw talking with Sophie and myself. Joe Dalton believes it to be Sophie’s “fuck” friend, or perhaps my Dad. He called the cops, but that person left as Joe Dalton was calling the cops.

What’s the point of getting a peace order against Sophie and myself if we hired a private eye to follow the Dalton crime syndicate around? A peace bond can only restrict contact, should I send flying drones over Weedon next?

While in court the landlords showed up in Weedon, they removed the locks that the Dalton crime syndicate put on the barn. The landlords also removed the lock that he had put on the electrical box, it prevented the neighbor from using his electric fence. The Dalton crime syndicate believes the landlords are trying to help Sophie’s court case.

The Dalton crime syndicate reports that the landlord filmed their dogs barking and that because locks were cut off the barn the dogs went crazy as the landlords entered the barn, knocking over cages and water bowls. (That means the dogs are back in the barn, a barn that is not included in the Dalton’s rental and purchase agreement).


The Dalton crime syndicate never put the Hydro bill under their name, Hydro just found out and will be back billing the Dalton’s for a year worth of electricity, the Dalton’s argue heating is included, so is electricity, thus Hydro is at the landlords expense. The Hydro bill was left under the old tenants name. Revenue Quebec also sent them a convocation, Revenue Quebec has been notified about their breeding revenues ($1200 a puppy) and they want answers.

The Dalton crime syndicate also claims to be happy that the trial date is for the 12th of August, for as long as they can prevent us from attending and testifying at the civil suit in Superior Court against the landlords at a later date, they claim to be happy.

The Dalton crime syndicate also sent out more cease and desist letters, this time to someone we met back in 2011 that knew the Daltons and who had been following the saga of the Lachute huskies. It was said that Ma Dalton had been killing Joe Dalton’s puppies when the huskies gave birth and he wasn’t in town, Ma Dalton fears this could leak – well it already has, this is old news. We also know about the marijuana grower that had lent the Dalton crime syndicate that blue trailer in exchange for their silence.

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  1. LOL! So he came up with that little diddly all on his own then! Thank God….was seriously wondering what attorney in his right mind would say such BS. Never know however with the corruption around here. He must feel among friends. ;)

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