May 19, 2024

The CKC joins the Dalton crime syndicate


CKC_Logo The CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) is now protecting the Dalton crime syndicate.

For the last two years we had no problems with the CKC in regards to the Dalton’s, however today things have changed.

Now the CKC is refusing to give out any information about it’s member “Alexandre Parent”. They refuse to confirm or to deny that the current litter for sale is registered or not.

Since Alex Parent has now renewed his membership, the CKC claims confidentiality. We have no choice but to ask that the public and other CKC members contact the Director of Quebec operations: Ed Graveley via e-mail or on his Facebook profile at


The CKC is protecting a puppy mill located in Weedon Quebec because the CKC is making money off this breeder, all that the CKC cares about are it’s members fees, they obviously don’t have the well being of animals at heart… So I’m asking everyone to boycott and to contact the CKC and to complain about their breeding ethics.

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