May 19, 2024

[CBC News] Owner of seized dogs near Lachute still has 40


daniel-charbonneauThe owner of more than 70 dogs still has 40 of them in a wooded area near Lachute, Que., and doesn’t want to give them up.

The SPCA Laurentide-Labelle seized 32 of Daniel Charbonneau’s huskies Monday because it felt he was not capable of looking after them.

“The owner’s personal situation changed, and he was unable to care for them anymore,” said Corinne Gonzalez, the SPCA’s executive director.

Charbonneau was evicted from his home three weeks ago and is living in a tent with his wife, daughter and mother.

Gonzalez said the SPCA has been monitoring the situation for the last week, and on Monday was able to persuade Charbonneau to surrender the 32 huskies.

But Charbonneau maintains the dogs are being looked after.

“[They are] not abandoned. All day, I am coming here to give nutrition, to give water,” he said.

Charbonneau said he just can’t find a home where he will be allowed to have so many dogs.

His former landlord, Veronique Soulie, said Charbonneau was evicted because he wasn’t paying his rent.

She said he then pitched his tent on the property next door.

On Monday, SPCA workers untied dogs from trees and put them in cages to take them away.

The SPCA said the 40 remaining dogs could also be seized if they don’t receive proper care.

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