June 24, 2024

Johanne Parent and the Eurasier Club of Canada



Johanne is no longer a CKC member because she had her membership terminated by the CKC. She also had her registration privileges revoked for a couple of years, though that period of time has expired.

During the time her membership was revoked, she registered puppies in her son’s name. This discipline was a result of her being found in violation of the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada. She falsified registration documents, then she was further disciplined because she did not comply with the terms of her suspension.

Further to that, her family has been subject to investigation by SPCA Laurentides-Labelle in the past, and her husband had 37 ‘huskies’ seized by the SPCA due to neglect and the other dogs owned by the family (Eurasiers and other breeds) were also in danger of being seized at one point according a person that contacted me from the SPCA there (I am the Eurasier rescue person, so this was just a ‘heads-up’).

She is not a member of our Club due to unethical practices. As such, we cannot recommend her as a breeder.

Dianne Cameron
Eurasier Club of Canada

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    1. I just checked and could not find Johanne Parent or Eurasia Fincaribou in the CKC files under eurasier or finnish lapphund. That’s probably why she hasn’t give me my deposit back after more than two years without a viable finnish puppy

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