June 19, 2024

Sylvie Janvresse & Laurence Perron – A hoarding saga


Sylvie Janvresse & Laurence Perron – A hoarding sagaRescues turned Hoarders – We all know the names Sylvie Janvresse and Laurence Perron since I exposed them as hoarders. Well, look at the pictures that Sylvie Janvresse posted about Laurence Perron.

Now for all of those who helped Sylvie & Laurence run, you are guilty of allowing this neglect to happen. The blame starts with the City of Franklin, Quebec as a province holds the neglect award.

Every hoarder has a safe haven in Franklin as the city failed to act, their Director General Mr. François Gagnon is in a wheelchair, when asked if he had seen the place his answer was no…

30 some days ago Mr. Gagnon (Director) of Franklin was still waiting for a callback from Anima-Quebec, I told him he might be waiting for a very long time as they are now closed…

The City of Franklin has refused my request to access public information, requesting things such as the name of the landowner and the inspection reports.

Did the Director General commit a crime as per article 180 of the Criminal Code? He failed to discharge of a legal duty! Resulting in a common nuisance, he ignored complaints of inactions in regards to animal cruelty and neglect, let alone he ignored municipal by-law infractions.


55.46. Every person who, by his consent, encouragement, advice or order, induces another person to commit an offence is guilty of the offence as if he had committed it himself, and of every other offence committed by the other person as a result of the consent, encouragement, advice or order, if he knew or should have known that its probable consequence would be the commission of the offences.


180. (1) Every one who commits a common nuisance and thereby

(a) endangers the lives, safety or health of the public, or

(b) causes physical injury to any person,

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.


(2) For the purposes of this section, every one commits a common nuisance who does an unlawful act or fails to discharge a legal duty and thereby

(a) endangers the lives, safety, health, property or comfort of the public; or

(b) obstructs the public in the exercise or enjoyment of any right that is common to all the subjects of Her Majesty in Canada.

To help me out with these hoarding investigations please considering looking at the items I have for sale, these items help cover my traveling costs.

68 thoughts on “Sylvie Janvresse & Laurence Perron – A hoarding saga

  1. Are you fucking insane ?! All this information is false and you will be sued for defamation ! Whatever personal vendetta you have fight it with honour and dignity not lies ! Laurence Perron is a giving person who’s rescue functions through foster families and has very desidocates volunteers always overlooking different aspects of the rescue , these picture were taken out of Google and you are a liar and a disgusting person for even taking the time to write this huge text with nothing but lies . It shows that your heart it’s disgusting and dark .

    1. There is substantial evidence that her past behavior is not in the best interest of animals regarding health and happiness. It’s not better to hoard pets trying to save their lives only to have them be put down due to numerous health problems when an intervention is done later. She’s not alright psychologically, from having xp’d trying to adopt a cat from her I can say that much. Sometimes hearts are in the right place but actions are opposite, this comes from a mental health issue as anyone who has watched hoarders tv show can acknowledge. She shouldn’t be in charge of running any sort of adoption/shelter endeavor in my opinion. I am glad to see she’s changed from keeping the pets herself to only functioning through a foster family set up, however. Regardless, that doesn’t change her past actions, which for anyone who takes a moment to actually research this woman can see from documentation here and elsewhere. It’s horrifying.

    2. Rick find another real cause and live in the present , you’re nothing but a sad joke ….. You’re a frustrated poor little man with an inferiority complex just by looking st the way you express yourself , get over yourself , you call yourself an activist , go help rescue dogs from puppy mills , backyard breeders , get over yourself and let go of the alleged information you’re defamating from 3 years ago …. Get over yourself , you’re ridiculous

    3. LOL, the reason I can’t be sued for defamation and that this has remained online for years, is because it’s the truth, but if Laurence want’s to sue, I welcome it. I see you suffer from some of the same mental issues as she does.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous, I volunteer for this rescue and have seen where a portion of the dogs stay. Looks nothing like this and they are in great health. As a matter of fact, majority of the animals are in foster homes with reliable families. I adopted my dog from Laurence and am a huge advocate for rescuing. It’s a shame this post is still up considering how wrong and discrediting it is. The only ones being hurt by this post are the dogs who are in desperate need of homes.

    1. The only thing ridiculous is you and Laurence. If you volunteered in Vaudreuil Dorion, that is not the same same place, so stop talking out of your ass. Also, it’s an illegal shelter in VD. It has no occupation permit.

      You are also guilty of the P-42, by encouraging the abuse and neglect committed by Laurence. So you better hide that identity of yours LOL.

      This post is still here because it’s facts, I welcome Laurence to challenge this in Court. J, if I find you at the cat shelter, the one Laurence frequents, perhaps I’ll hit harder next time, as it also has no occupancy permit.

      Laurence is now using foster homes, to avoid this again…

      Bottom line, is Laurence no longer has a right to rescue in Quebec. There is a BOUNTY on her head…

    2. Lol your threats are ridiculous . You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about , “you better hide that identity of yours”…. Ohhhh how scared , she has no right to rescue in Quebec ? Again information that is not accurate ,a bounty on her head ? Get off your horse cowboy lol , you’re in Canada not the Wild West .

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  4. the refuge st chatques is still adopting out animals, in fact i was looking at one we really liked just today. i dont want to enable the cycle, but we want to rescue at least the one that we can.. HELP

    1. You should most definitely still consider adopting from them. I’ve been to the rescue and this is far from what it looks like. I even adopted my dog from there and he is the most loving little ball of fur. This is a total misrepresentation of what the shelter looks like and the majority of dogs are with loving foster families anyways.

  5. The dogs in the US have already arrived unfortunately! Several people including myself contacted the Wade Hampton Vet Clinic in Greenville and sent them pictures and had detailed conversations. They STILL released the dogs to Laurence’s little gopher, Deb Spellman, who thinks Laurence is god.

  6. There are a few dogs from the US that are being vetted and then on their way to her. Any suggestions on how to stop this process?

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