March 4, 2024

Here we go again; The City of Montreal wants to kill yet another pitbull.


554614_422846917812019_758510096_n (1) On Easter weekend 2013, Rumby’s owners were away so a friend was left in charge of him. What exactly happened during those few minutes is still vague. Yes there was an injury involved but what lead to it and why is being ignored by the City of Montreal. The Yorkie was very dog reactive and always tried to provoke Rumby who normally always remained calm. In fact, Rumby’s leash is tied to the baby stroller while he goes for walks with his family. You absolutely cannot do that unless you have a well-behaved dog. In this particular incident however, both dogs were on leash while being walked in an alley by their respective handlers.


The Montreal bylaw for so-called dangerous dogs is unconstitutional to say the least. Human error (which seems to be the case here) is no excuse to label a dog dangerous and kill him without any due process. Circumstances cannot be ignored. As for Rumby’s owners…even though they were not even present and were simply told their dog had bit the Yorkie, offered to do the decent thing and pay for the vet fees knowing full well how this poorly socialized Yorkie had been a major nuisance in the neighborhood for the last 2 years. The owner of the Yorkie refused the surgery and instead opted to have her 2 yr old dog put down.

The owner of said Yorkie then demanded they buy her a new dog pointing to an on-line ad for a puppy being sold for $750. The City of Montreal meanwhile served Rumby’s owners with a death order giving them 48 hrs to have him put down. This is where things stand right now April 19th, 2013. Rumby’s owner will have their dog evaluated by a professional behaviorist and will take this matter to Court as it is their right to do so despite the City Of Montreal’s typical scare tactics.


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