April 23, 2024

People of interest that are somehow connected to the “Hoarding Club”


3597fyThe Hoarding Club President is Barbara Lisbona, followed by Nathalie Pinel and Cindy Falcone.

These are people of interest that have witnesses what goes on within the network. If your name is on the list, please call 514-998-7830 as I would like to talk to you.

Janine Larose, Louise Gagnon, Linda Robertson, Helen Richer, Ann English, Linda Heimann, Michelle Laramee, Dale Kirk, Nicole Chartrand, Shirly Smart, Nancy St-Laurent, Anne-Marie Delorier, Tamara Friedman, Cathy Hower, Ann Gillebrand, Allen J Bierbrier, Nicole Joncas, Louise Meunier, Diana Leblanc, Barbara Hilliker, Laurence Perron, Sylvie Janvresse, Joanne Lalonde, Shelly Shector, Jeniffer Stewart, Lucie Dostie, Ariane Bilodeau, Louise Dumas, Suzy Slavin, Carole Tineo, Catherine Dupuis, Chandra Devenyi, Chantal Bertrand, Charles Aronowitz, Christelle Houillon, Christiane Agnessi, Christine Denny, Cynthia Marajda, Danielle B, Denise Kemp, Ginette Page, Janic Payette, Lilianne Dubé, Lilianne Lalibert, Louise Lacourse, Nancy Roy, Neil Sullivan, Pascale Gingras, Pierre-Luc Rivest, Robert Michaud, Suzanne Caron, Virginie Tremblay, Danielle Cairns, Katia Chouinard, Normand Robert, Marc Hagen, Gaetan Brunet (Redacteur du CAC), Marie-Chantal Brodeur (UPAQ).

Those without last names, Nouncio, Kirma, Aron, Glenn, Madeline, Claudette, Claude, Ursula, Maria

2 thoughts on “People of interest that are somehow connected to the “Hoarding Club”

  1. Hey Rick, you may want to brush up on your detective skills there buddy, Jennifer Stewart has 2 cats and two dogs and works at a cat shelter. That puts her on this list? I don’t know who annointed you Rescue Police but if I were any of these ppl on this list, I’d sue your ass. Oh wait a minute, thats right, both you and your wife self annointed yourselves! Best get your video camera, go hide in the bushes and get some more footage. No respect for ppl like you. Just a bunch of self rightious trouble makers who have too much time on your hands. Shame on you.

    1. Sarah: I’m assuming this is Sarah Saintsbury. Why the defensiveness? If you really cared about the welfare of animals you should be grateful that someone is willing to look into this issue, considering the fact that so many others are willing to look the other way. As Rick clearly stated, Jennifer Stewart is on the list, as a person of interest, and all Rick has asked is that she contact him so he can gather more information. He did not make any allegation in the above posting that she herself is a hoarder, so there is no need for you to read anything more into it as a way to deflect. Whether or not Jennifer has dogs or cats or works at a cat shelter is not relevant. If she has nothing to hide, she would not have a problem contacting Rick. The same goes with the rest of the people on the list.

      Sarah, what I can say with certainty is that YOU HAVE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE ABOUT a certain despicable animal hoarder by the name of LAURENCE PERRON (AKA REFUGE ST. CHATQUES), or whatever name she is now using. YOU PERSONALLY SAW THE MISERABLE CONDITIONS OF THAT HELLHOLE BARN IN FRANKLIN where she once kept her dogs. You admitted as much in a message to me. Luckily, I save all of my messages. As I’m sure you will remember, I, too, saw that barn as well as Laurence’s bedroom, and both make a puppy mill look like a palace. No animal should be living in such conditions. I can also say with certainty, that in the past you have offered to hide Laurence’s dogs at your so-called kennel and that you asked for money to do so. I still have the Paypal receipt when I foolishly made a large donation without knowing the facts, and the money went to your Paypal account. So, before you go on a tirade about self righteous trouble makers, you should take a long look in the mirror. Regardless of how many dogs you have legitimately saved, you still look the other way while hundreds of dogs/cats under Laurence’s care suffer horrendously. As for your comments on another site, that Rick is slandering people, you need to crack open a law textbook and learn about the elements necessary for slander and libel, so that you don’t make accusations that are untrue. It makes you look ignorant. — Sharyn Lubinsky

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