July 12, 2024

KittyLeaks: SPCA’s Letter to MAPAQ re Barbara Lisbona and ARN


For over a year and a half, the SPCA TNR Program has been helping to sterilize feral cat colonies in Dollard des Ormeaux and Pierrefonds. Andrea Banks of the Sunnybrooke Colony brought us a very feral (wild) female cat on October 27th 2013 to be sterilized. A member of a small colony cared for by a lady who provides them with winterized shelters and food, she was the most difficult to catch. This female
had been a part of this colony for close to 10 years and had been producing litters of kittens on an average of 3 a year.

Click to access SPCA-letter-to-MAPAQ-ENglish.pdf

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