June 24, 2024

So the CSPCA/SPCALL has the right to give chances (as they allow the Daltons to run) they also ignore and give chances to the ARN but the Wildlife department has no right to give chances?

Since the Wildlife agents have a right to carry guns, might as well mandate them to replace the SPCA’s.

First task to give them, go into the ARN, shoot all the cats :D Not many are domesticated…

The CSPCA is more interested in PR cases and not real cruelty cases. They ignore the cruelty happening in their own backyards under their own mandate only to enter another jurisdiction with a weak historical mandate to do so.

Guess who gave them said mandate? the old Hunt Clubs.

This new CSPCA administration is doing the same thing the old one got booted for and that is for allegedly only enforcing high PR cruelty cases and not enforcing the laws equally and their high kill rates.

What changed in the big picture? Nothing… BB got more contracts, BB is boycotted, AZ gets the contracts and sodomized a dog in Laval.

Every action has a re-action…

As Barnoti told CTV news in 2008, the system is ran by land owners operating under umbrella corporations.

The CSPCA only ever had an illusion of power.

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