June 24, 2024

Anna Shocka aka Valerie Ellington is behind the Queen of rescues page


Here we go again, yet another backyard breeder operating under the rescue umbrella.

Christine Matte added 2 new photos to the album BEWARE.

Rescue friends please remove this piece of work “Queen of rescues” from your contacts and don’t ever consider her as an adopter, to foster or to do transport she CANNOT be trusted with any animal!!!! she claims to be the Queen of Rescues but all she is is the Queen of TROUBLE and is far from being a good rescue, other than letting a poor scared cat OUTSIDE she fostered for me this summer that were recently rescued from the pound hours away who has no clue where he is….why did she do that?? “because his crying kept her awake”. i only learned this recently just prior to all this drama happening..This person has had many FB names and aliases ..Anna Shocka was her name when we first met ..she has recently changed it again to Valerie Ellington …Here is her picture and the partage for her dog to try to breed him ..this share comes from HER “Queen of rescues” page now trying to breed her golden retriever..& WORST OF ALL she is slandering a very good Cat rescue group…PUTTING SO MANY LIVES IN DANGER these beautiful volunteers for that group work very hard week after week to empty the pound ..they spend EVERY LAST CENT of THEIR OWN money to help make a lot of these rescues happen and possible . They are GOOD people who do not deserve this NOR do the poor innocent cats they work so hard to rescue every day of every week …holidays or not… they have been at it for a while they are my girlfriends they are so good at it they have won an award from the pound…we cannot let anything happen to them or the cats friends!! but see Anna has been doing this for longer than i have known her and already got herself a reputation of being a crazy person… The reason for her “Revenge” towards Rescue 4 pattes by slander is she was refused a cat from them that she wanted to foster WITH GOOD REASON

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