May 19, 2024


1 thought on “Blink ;)

  1. Beautiful gorgeous adorable.
    Can he be Ministre de la Agriculture Pêcheries Alimentation du Québec as ours seems to be donating $ grants to farm shows like one where he gave $ 280 000 to a farm festival or another sur la Rive Sud.
    Hummmmmmm 280 000$ × 10 grants = 2.8$ million. Say 40 000$ per rescue. Is there a monkey or guerilla in the house than can become our new finance minister. He will at least keep his promise.
    Would it cost billions to close private pounds on day one of your election Mr Paradis?? Close gas chambers??
    This dog is an example of LA Creation de Dieu
    Notre Patrimoine!!
    God please have mercy on this world and on creation, we are destroying it!!
    Bienheureuse Vierge Marie ayez pitié priez pour Nos Imbéciles travaillant contre la Création.
    Keep up the xcellent work we need more like you!!

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