June 24, 2024

Fermons Le Berger Blanc de Montréal


Saturday, April 25 at 1:00pm – Hotel De Ville – 275, rue Notre-Dame Est, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1C6

Close the Berger Blanc

Fermons Le Berger Blanc de Montreal

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LE BERGER BLANC, service de fourrière à but lucratif de la région de Montréal

Le contrat de fourrière de plusieurs arrondissements de la ville de Montréal est présentement confié à la compagnie à but lucratif Berger Blanc inc.

On vous invite les citoyennes et citoyens préoccupés par le bien-être animal à venir manifester en grand nombre.

Nous demandons au maire de Montréal et aux maires des arrondissements de mettre fin à tous les contrats accordés à l’entreprise à but lucratif Le Berger Blanc. Nous demandons que les futurs contrats soient dorénavant confiés à une organisation qui privilégie le service aux citoyens et le bien-être animalier plutôt que le profit commercial.

Le bien-être des animaux est une responsabilité collective…demander aux villes et aux arrondissements de prendre le bien-être animal davantage en considération dans sa réglementation et sa gestion, c’est une responsabilité individuelle… votre participation citoyenne est donc importante et fera une grande différence. Vous pouvez envoyer un courriel à vos élus et les inviter à manifester pour fermer le Berger Blanc

Fermons le Berger Blanc !

ATTENDU QU’environ 50% des Montréalais possèdent un chat ou un chien et se soucient du bien-être de leur animal de compagnie ;

QUE le Berger Blanc offre un service médiocre aux citoyens en n’ouvrant aucun dossier pour les chats perdus, identifiés ou non, en fermant les dossiers des chiens perdus après 30 jours sans avis même s’ils sont dûment licenciés et en ne possédant pas de lecteur de micropuces d’identification, notamment ;

QUE la localisation du Berger Blanc est lointaine, soit à Rivières-des-Prairies et s’y rendre en transport en commun peut prendre jusqu’à 4 heures aller-retour ;

QUE le Berger Blanc ne fait preuve d’aucune transparence sur le sort des animaux qui leur sont remis et aucune traçabilité individuelle des animaux n’y est maintenue ;

QUE des plaintes de citoyens indiquent que le Berger Blanc ne vérifie pas systématiquement la présence d’une médaille ou autre identification sur les animaux recueillis ;

QUE le taux de retour des animaux à leur propriétaire et le taux d’adoption à cette fourrière sont grandement insatisfaisants. Note: Suite à la vérification des statistiques concernant le taux de remise d’animaux perdus à leur propriétaire, de nouveaux chiffres sont à considérer. Ainsi, à titre d’exemple, pour 8 des arrondissements desservis en 2009, le taux de remise d’animaux perdus à leur famille varie entre 30 à 50% pour les chiens et entre 2 à 6 % pour les chats;

QU’en conséquence, des euthanasies de masse s’y produisent selon des méthodes répondant au seul critère du moindre coût, et ce sans égard à la souffrance causée à l’animal


Close the Montréal Berger Blanc

BERGER BLANC, service of pound for profit in the Montreal area

Impoundment of several districts of the city of Montréal is currently contracted to the profit Berger Blanc Inc. company.

Have prompt citizens concerned about upcoming animal welfare protest in large numbers.
We ask the Mayor of Montreal and the mayors of boroughs to terminate all the contracts awarded to the Berger Blanc for-profit business. We ask that future contracts are now entrusted to an organization which focuses on service to citizens and animal welfare rather than commercial profit.

The welfare of the animals is a collective responsibility… ask the cities and districts are considering more animal welfare in its regulations and its management, it is an individual responsibility… your citizen participation is important and will make a big difference. You can send an email to your elected representatives and invite them to demonstrate to close Berger Blanc

Close the Berger Blanc!

Whereas about 50% of Montrealers have a cat or dog and concerned for the welfare of their pet;

Berger Blanc offers poor citizens service opening no folder for the cats lost, identified or not, by closing the records of dogs lost after 30 days without notice even if they are duly licensed and no drive of microchips for identification with, including;

Berger Blanc location is far away, either to Rivières-des-Prairies and to get there by public transport can take up to 4 hours round trip;

THAT Berger Blanc does evidence no transparency about the fate of animals handed and no individual traceability of animals there is maintained;

AS complaints of citizens indicate that the Berger Blanc does not systematically verify the presence of a medal or other identification on the collected animals;

THAT the rate of return of animals to their owners and the rate of adoption to this pound is largely unsatisfactory. Note: Upon verification of the statistics on the rate of delivery of animals lost their owners, new figures are to be considered. Thus, for example, for 8 served districts in 2009, the rate of delivery of lost animals to their families varies between 30-50% for dogs and between 2 to 6% for cats;

That accordingly, mass euthanasia take place according to methods responding to the single criterion of least cost, and this regardless of the suffering caused to the animal

La Pétition du Berger Blanc


1 thought on “Fermons Le Berger Blanc de Montréal

  1. Rick
    I dont know you so I can speak freely. I have no interested either with you nor your mother or Sophies dog adoption Which Gives Me freedom to speak as I wish.
    You are well informed you are very smart. No one can argue that and if they contradict you their nuts.
    As you are aware of its almost what 25 years the Berger Blanc is in operations. It once had almost half of mtl while the other half was shared by GL the gasers the SPCA no better and I believe a third one from st lazarre. They have been in business since 1980s except the SPCA since a century.
    The BB has lost contracts yes but jjust signed major ones with la belle VILLE DE MTL. You warned yutz that the new law promised ny Qc and the new center in Mtl was just for votes. Well you were right!!!! I knew that these were just lies from politicians that know we are aholes.
    With just two new contracts they have 700 000$$ from la belle ville.
    Just as with the corruption and Charbonneau Commission nothing has changed. The same italian contractors named doubled their contracts. Rizzuto associates now have la Banque Nationale and les HLM de la ville with their construction contracts.
    Just like construction the animal world has collusion and corruption.
    I hate to tape on the SPCA but with wealthy donators and almost 10$million in budget it is mismanaged.
    The former blue bonnets is sold and condos will be built. Why did they not ask the new owner to build them a building and sign a 30 year lease?? This would of enabled them to have a new facility provide full service and try to have the entire island of Mtl. If SARS did it in Longueuil why did they not?? It would of cost the same as the present building which badly needs update.
    Rick people are profiting as you know but on the backs n lives of our poor n vulnerable and animals.
    This week le SQ had to intervene. A stray dog was found roaming METROPOLITAIN at Stinson.
    A dog!!! What the f…….!!!!!!!!!
    This is four times since january the SQ was called for dogs on the highway all Metropolitain!!!!
    Duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I whould whip the f hell out of the owner!!!
    An example. St Michel has a contract with le BB. A dog boxer not agresdif but curious scared came out from a lane. He crossed to see a women n her daughter. She had screamed the dog growled. This is an automatic death sentence. No tag no leash. He was nearly hit by three cars since he was in the middle of the street near Jarry. The cars stopped fast. This was at 3:15p.
    The dog went back to tjhe lane and growled at two men.A women with her carriage and daughter went buy. Children were coming from school. Police were contacted at 3:16p n drove buy at 3:30p. The police dispatcher transfered the call to les travaux publiques to come pick up the dog. Apparently even if Bb has the contract its les travaux publiques that picks up strays and hurt or dead animals. Even if mme samson gave them 330 000$ contract.
    The owner came out n took his dog back at 3:25p no leash so the police call was cancelled
    Le chien n est plus errant on peut rien faire
    This was going on and will go on Rick as long as man stays stupid!!
    We have a crazy society riun by idiots who profit from these naive people. Did you see the survey on Qc attitudes?? Its ok as long as Im not concerned it does not affect me.
    What a wonderful bunch of idiots!!

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