April 23, 2024

Incident report – April 23rd, 2015


At 0:17 (1st video below) riot cops are moving the crowd backwards while at the same time the bicycle cops are telling the crowd to move forwards. To the left of the camera’s viewpoint someone falls to the ground hard (as seen in the 2nd video below (0:34) that someone is knocked out cold) and that’s when (0:17) I get hit in the back of the leg by a police bike. 

In this 2nd video below we can hear the riot cops telling bystanders to move or they will be tossed into the kettle, all that the bystanders are doing is witnessing police abuse.

I later noticed that my leg looked like this. The picture below was taken within the hour, I was wearing U.S. army pants when it happened, no rips.

The injury appears to come from the bike’s gears. I’m told by activists that this is a common tactic used by the bicycle cops, “they always downshift the front gear before getting off the bike”.


Original image, http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VqZn1Z57Nf8/U3E9fxj8v0I/AAAAAAAAASE/GXeYZQFxYAI/s1600/spvmvelo.jpg

In this 3rd video dated April 6th 2015 you can see a bicycle cop using his bike as weapon.

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