February 27, 2024

Manifestation de soir et Grande action festive pour le lancement de la grève générale du 1er mai 2015


6:30pm Coin Berri / Ontario (Derrière la Grande Bibliothèque)

—English below—

Manifestation de soir et Grande action festive pour le lancement de la grève générale du 1er mai 2015

Après plusieurs mois de campagne pour la grève générale, le SITT/Iww Montréal vous convie à une grande manifestation de soir qui sera suivi d’une grande action d’éclat afin de célébrer l’arrivée de la Journée internationale des Travailleuses et des Travailleurs. Cette manifestation marquera l’ouverture de la journée de grève générale et de perturbation contre l’austérité à laquelle nous appelons depuis environ une année.


L’IWW-SITT essaie de mettre en place des espaces sécuritaires afin que les opprimé-e-s se sentent les bienvenu-e-s dans nos action, les oppresseur-e-s ne sont pas les bienvenu-e-s dans nos contingents et dans nos activités

Venez en grand nombre et dérangeons au maximum!

Appel pour la journée de grève : http://sitt.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/1er-mai-2015-appel-pour-une-journee-nationale-de-greve-et-de-perturbation/

Night Demonstration and Big Action to Launch the May 1st 2015 General Strike

After many months of campaigning towards a general strike, the SITT-IWW Montreal will hold a large night demonstration to celebrate International Workers’ Day. This demonstration will announce the beginning of the day of general strike and disruptions against austerity that we have been calling for this past year.


Let’s be as many as possible to disrupt everything we can!

Call-out for the national day of strike :

2 thoughts on “Manifestation de soir et Grande action festive pour le lancement de la grève générale du 1er mai 2015

  1. Ohhh Rick
    Before I forget. Just for the sake of it go on Papineau towards Cremazie. I belive just off Sauve. You will see a 40$ million sports soccer complexe that will cost 10$ million more for its completion.
    For a city thats bankrupt and cutting service hummmmmmm’!!!!!!!!”’
    They have no money for an animal shelter but for this they do. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Its just near the Tazz.
    In regards to the manif ahhhhhonce again Garda is making millions in surveillance and spying and the lawyers.
    Quebec is neither left nor right nor center. They do not even know where they stand. They dont want to pay for services or help the poor yet they believe in helping.????????
    They dont trust politicians or leaders but they vote for them. They want a private state but want the state present. Its all contradictions.
    Blouin Rebello and others were examples. Cause uproar cause a riot and then go be VP at the Bank of Mtl or go get elected and cut more.
    Its all hypocrisy.
    The only winners are Garda at $120 hour per detective and 26$ hour per guard with Pentagon contracts. The other winners are lawyers at $300 hour. The worker never wins!!

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