March 4, 2024

Animal Lab Testing in Montreal


McGill under it’s MUHC umbrella has fulfilled Dr. Penfield’s vision. Animal Lab testing is too much for one person, (see the Darwin project).

Montreal is unknown to most as a breeding ground for animal lab testers.

McGill under it’s MUHC umbrella has fulfilled Dr. Penfield’s vision.  Animal Lab testing is too much for one person, (see the Darwin project).

Darwin is a new on-line Animal Use Protocol and animal facility management software powered by eSirius. It is used by researchers, Committee members, animal facility staff, veterinarians and administrators at McGill University and Research Institutes of Affiliated Hospitals. Submissions and approvals are now fully electronic and centralized.

Visionaries like Leonardo Da Vinci and Alexander Graham Bell tested on animals as human cadavers were scarce, not to mention that biopsies and medicine of the human body was a religious crime under Vatican law, it could get you labeled as a heretic and burnt to the stake.

As a boy, Bell built a speaking robot, and found that he could touch his dog’s throat in ways that seemed to form his barks and growls into words. Once, he successfully obtained a human ear from a medical school, which he used to conduct experiments tracing sound patterns.

We still use the Bell trademark name in Quebec and Ontario, while others no longer do, before his father’s retirement Alexander Graham Bell lived in Montreal before leaving for Paris.

Let’s fast-forward to 2009, Dr. Enid K. Stiles tested on lab Beagles.

Enid K. Stiles

So I question myself, why are vets testing meds on Beagles? As a society, we no longer work out problems, we simply “drug” them out.

The pharmaceutical companies have also found a way to keep clean hands by subcontracting out lab testing with research funds to students.

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