March 4, 2024

Rescue Ink, a fraud or legit?


At 10:30am on June 15th, Rescue Ink was in Laval QC for a bike ride that Pit Stop Montreal and BellAnima attended. However as we find out Rescue Ink has a shady history.

1001332_506865009387054_1969550628_n At 10:30am on June 15th, Rescue Ink was in Laval QC for a bike ride that Pit Stop Montreal and BellAnima attended. However as we find out Rescue Ink has a shady history.

NEW YORK, June 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Rescue Ink Foundation Board of Directors announced today that the foundation has been officially closed and dissolved.  The certificate of dissolution was filed with the State of Delaware on June 13, 2011 and accepted by the Secretary of State.

According to the Board of Directors, “The Rescue Ink Foundation is no longer accepting donations and all activities have ceased.  Rights to the animals Rebel, Vesper, Lucky, Joe Thunder, Scrappy, Kate & Willie have been assigned to the care ofEric Bellows of Pack Ethic Rescue (  The board is confident that Eric Bellows and the team at Pack Ethic Rescue will care for and rehabilitate these animals in a compassionate manner.”

Rescue Ink was formed to aid in battling animal abuse and neglect and to assist existing animal welfare agencies and shelters. Donations were used to fund animal rescue and animal abuse education.

SOURCE Rescue Ink Foundation

A lawsuit in Federal Court was filed by Hays Entertainment vs. Rescue Ink, Inc. for Trademark Infringement. A settlement was reached and Joe Panz created Rescue Ink Sales, Inc. a for profit entity.

John Orlandini, a co-founder of Rescue Ink — the non-profit animal rescue group that operated the Long Beach Animal Shelter* on Long Island was reportedly arrested on May 15 and charged with third-degree grand larceny, after police said he stole over $15,000 from the organization.

Police say that between June 2012 and February 2013, Orlandini, 49, (aka “Johnny O) cashed 141 donation checks made out to Rescue Ink between last June and February, and kept the funds for himself.

Charges were dropped against John Orlandini in 2014. A grand jury decided there wasnt enough evidence to go to trial. Authorities say that a former Rescue Ink member has been arrested for stealing from the organization. Long Beach police confirm former shelter director John Orlandini, 49, of Long Beach, has been charged.

Per Rescue Ink’s 2011 Tax return, they received a total of $30,179 in donations as a charitable organization that supposedly wants to help animals. So let’s see where they spent this $30k in donations. Did they spend it on animals?

$9,800 = Legal Fees (line 11b)
$7,881 = Travel Fees (line 17)
$7,478 = Fundraising (line 24c)
$1,114 = Automobile expenses (line 24d)
Totaling $26,273 (87%)

$1,899 = Animal Program Costs (line 24b)

They ONLY spent $1,899 on their animal program!

In 2011, Rescue Ink spent 32% of all your donations to pay for their legal fees. They ONLY spent 6% on their animal program. Are their legal fees, travel expenses, and automobiles expenses more important than the animals?

This is a public document available to anyone via New York State Charity Bureau.

Find out the facts about Rescue Ink.

Updated: July 4th, 2013

The Facebook page that was once named “Rescue Ink – The Facts” has been deleted from Facebook, perhaps it is an attempt by Rescue Ink to silence the truth, last week the page was blocked from being shared, now it’s gone.

Rescue Ink had previously managed to close down the group’s website that was hosted on The site was removed claiming there was Rescue Ink trademark and copyright violations for providing external links to Rescue Ink’s “bad press” covered by mainstream and local media.

On this Day of Independence, “Independence Day” (the 4th of July), I wonder what the first president of the U.S would think of such censorship.

If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

― George Washington

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7 thoughts on “Rescue Ink, a fraud or legit?

  1. Are you kidding me! they left the dogs in the shelter to drowned the night of the Sandy Storm. They Joe Panz used the money for the feral cat houses for plastic surgery… Refused to help a baby bait bull terrier because they didn’t have a clue what to do. They are scumbags. They got thrown out of Long Beach NY and went over to Rockaway. They didn’t last long there either… Pussies!

  2. If they are busting up dog fighting rings, it stands to reason they’ll have legal fees. If they place many of those dogs into local rescues, what WOULD be their costs for the animals? I thought they basically break up rings, so their expenditures look fairly feasible.

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  4. Sure but totally unjustifiable to deceive real animal lovers into spending their money on a front organisation. The cash could have feed many animals rather than being frittered on legal fees.
    It appears to me that the animal rescu was just a cover to make money. Their actions have lost them all credibility and washes over anything positive they acheived, rightly so….

  5. I DON’T CARE WHAT THE HELL THEY DO WITH THE MONEY -they are clearly saving animals’ lives, and that’s all I care about. so everyone needs to just SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE THEM ALONE

    1. Exactly. You all go put yourself and your families in that kind of danger to help an animal instead of sitting behind a computer and passing judgement and see what the truth really is. I don’t care if they spent a million on themselves and saved one – they deserve that and more. Funny how people claim to support rescue but when push comes to shove they will always become political and do the opposite of what’s right. Get off your asses and away from computers, phones, and words you animal advocates, and help rescue ink! Instead of bashing them. They clearly are Angel’s 🐾

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