March 4, 2024

The Dalton Crime Syndicate, CKC breeder or MAPAQ approved puppy mill?


A CD arrived in my mailbox this morning, it contained videos of the Dalton Crime Syndicate’s barn located in Weedon QC.


A CD arrived in my mailbox this morning, it contained videos of the Dalton Crime Syndicate’s barn located in Weedon (QC).

For those who don’t remember Daniel Charbonneau and Johanne Parent, they squatted in Lachute (QC) two years ago with 40 Huskies. It was later discovered that they had another 40 or so dogs of mixed breeds, Eurasiers & Finnish Lapphunds, on land owned by R.C.I (the Lachute dump).

Johanne Parent, on her blog claimed it to be a “human mistake”, putting the blame on Daniel Charbonneau in order to protect her reputation.

It’s been a long battle with multiple authorities, the P-42 (Animal Health Protection Act) was never applied in this case. The authorities allowed the Dalton Crime Syndicate to run off.

One wonders why, the answer lays within the CKC and the people who run and volunteer at the SPCAs. Johanne Parent, years ago, had a good reputation. Some of those at the SPCA who were in charge knew of her, however things sure changed and she is no longer the good breeder that she used to be. Money and greed will do that.

Johanne Parent was banned from the Canadian Kennel Club and the Eurasier Club of Canada. Various SPCA volunteers were appalled at the conditions the Huskies were in, wondering how such a wonderful breeder could go so wrong. Johanne Parent put the CKC membership under her son’s name in order to bypass her CKC ban.

After running away from Lachute, the Dalton Crime Syndicate moved to Val-des-lacs (QC) only to be evicted. They later moved to Brownsburg-Chatham (QC) and got evicted from there as well. Now the Dalton Crime Syndicate rented a house in Weedon (QC), with option to purchase it.

The city of Weedon is not happy, they claim the dogs are barking too much and causing a noise nuisance. However the city of Weedon lacks municipal by-laws. Since the Dalton Crime Syndicate has a kennel permit the city has very little legal support. They could not “refuse” a kennel permit without “discriminating” against the Dalton Crime Syndicate.

The landowner is upset that the city issued a kennel permit without his consent, the city is upset that the landowner rented to the Dalton Crime Syndicate.

The lease and purchase contract only includes “lot A”, that lot has a house and a small “shed”. However the lease does not allow dogs inside the house, it allows dogs in the “shed”. The landlords own a second lot, “lot B” has an old barn built on it, “lot B” is not part of the rental or purchase agreement.

A squatter’s right to occupy? The Dalton Crime Syndicate is now occupying the barn illegally, the police won’t do anything about it. The landlords have motioned the Superior Court of Quebec to break the lease and purchase option contract, requesting an injunction before the trial date in order to get the dogs out of the barn.

The Dalton Crime Syndicate had locked the landowner out of his barn, so the landowner cut the locks and filmed the illegal occupancy and headed to the Courthouse. The case is still pending, it’s been postponed twice.

The same day that I was in court against the Dalton Crime Syndicate the landowner took the opportunity to make his move, knowing that the Dalton Crime Syndicate would be in court.

Last year when the landowner tried to enter his barn Daniel Charbonneau tried to run him over, this time the landowner wanted to avoid any confrontations.

The Dalton Crime Syndicate attempted to lay criminal trespassing charges on the landowner, the cops refused claiming “how can the owner trespass”?

Here we can see the dogs inside the barn, the conditions are far from acceptable if comparing them to the Chow Chow Man and the Paws R’ Us cases that Anima-Quebec prosecuted.

Here we have a propane heater used to heat the barn, the insurance company calls it a fire hazard, MAPAQ when investigating the barn (following Sophie’s Dog Adoption phone call to MAPAQ) approved of the propane heater.

Here we have what the Dalton Crime Syndicate feeds the dogs. Apparently it’s also MAPAQ approved, “chicken parts” by-products.

Here we can see that Johanne Parent is not a “family & home based” breeder as she claims to be, but rather a commercial kennel, what is commonly referred to as a puppy mill.

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