February 27, 2024


History of the Punic Wars

The Punic Wars was a series of three wars fought by the city-states of Rome, Carthage, and their respective allies. It began as a war between Rome and Carthage over the hegemony of the Mediterranean but eventually expanded to become a war between Rome and the growing might of the Punic empire. The Punic Wars were a turning point in the history of the Western world. They are widely considered to be the beginning of the end of the classical period of ancient Greece, Rome, and Carthage.

Chance @ Sophie’s Dog Adoption

Meet Chance!

I have been named Chance by the wonderful people of Kuwait who rescued me from the desert streets. I'm about a year so I still have a long life ahead of me.

I was paralyzed in the back, from what turned out to be a bullet in my spine.

This injury also caused me to not be able to control my urinating, so intensive surgery was performed in order to save my life and give me a chance at life.

Obviously, I did not regain the use of my back legs, but come equipped with a wheelchair.

I was born male, but due to the extensive urethrostomy, I am now labelled on records as being female. So you get to decide if I'm a boy or a girl. Basically I have no reproductive organs whatsoever. More details will be given to potential adopters.

I am wonderful with everyone and everything. Dogs, cats, kids, men, women and therefore could be great in any family setting.

However, and this is a Big however, my wheelchair is not a small contraption, so to use it in the house, I'll need to live in a large enough area to get around. Of course, no stairs for me other than a few steps here and there.

I do get around on my two front legs, but once in my chair, life opens up! I can run and zoom around like I never lost my legs.

I am not totally incontinent as the hospital in Kuwait did an amazing job at repairing me but I do drip a bit of urine. All I'm hoping for now, is to actually have those legs amputated as they are totally useless and really in my way.

If you think an oddball like me is the companion for you, I'll make you see the positive side of this beautiful world!


Akimo @ Sophie’s Dog Adoption

I'm Akimo, a 17-month-old White Shepherd mix, with maybe Samoyed.

I've had a bad start, as I was purchased very young by a large family.

I was a sweet and cute puppy, but with having no structure, I soon became the leader of the pack.

I became protective of my surroundings, mostly outdoors, and escalated until I got to be full size.

I was dumped at a boarding/training facility (thankfully) where I got training, socialization and evaluated. After 3 months there, I was becoming restless. I had a potential adopter lined up, but he didn't listen to the directives, and my protective side came out.

Here's what I am looking for: a single person, active, knowledgeable about my type of breed/characteristics, someone alpha who will show me love, structure and be the leader I need.

I can thrive with the right person but can get worst with the wrong one. I am super friendly, affectionate, smart, obedient, calm but I need you to be the pack leader, not a softie!

If you live in a rural environment and think you would like to give me a chance, I would love to meet you. I am waiting for my soul mate, and I believe it can happen.