May 19, 2024

Month: November 2014

I’m tired of “Animal Rights Activists” that talk out the ass

Today I was told by an activist that a fur farm ban was in place in EU, Israel and some US states (such as California) - this conversation took place over the St-Jude fur farm, today the media reported the owner was charged with animal cruelty, ARA's suggest that a global ban on "fur farming" is the only solution, sadly, while I may agree, it's not a reality. I had to shit-can this activist with some facts...

99% Media – Million Mask March – Montreal, Quebec, 2014

Montreal - Quebec shows anonymous support for this November 5th, 2014. About 80 activists met up at Victoria Square and walked down the streets of Montreal to protest in front of multiple establishments. Despite the march being illegal there were no arrests and activists caused little to no disturbance to motorists. The Montreal police followed the peaceful protesters at a distance.


Montréal - Québec montre un soutien anonyme pour ce 5 Novembre 2014. Environ 80 militants se sont retrouvés à la place Victoria et ont marché dans les rues de Montréal pour protester devant plusieurs établissements. Malgré la manifestation illégale aucune arrestation n'a été causé et les militants on causer des perturbations pour les automobilistes. La police de Montréal a suivi les manifestants en garder leurs distance.