November 28, 2022


Scottish independence referendum vote blocked by UK’s Supreme Court | CNN

The court unanimously rejected an attempt by the Scottish National Party to force a vote next October. The decision is unlikely to stem the heated debate over independence that has loomed over British politics for a decade. Scotland last held a vote on the issue in 2014, when voters rejected the prospect of independence by 55% to 45%.

Civil rights for animals – Montreal protest – Animals are not objects (11/10/2014)

Like most people, we believe that animals are not toasters. This view, however, is not shared by our Civil Code. From a legal standpoint, a dog or a cow is no different than a toaster or a chair: all are considered moveable property. Quebec law thus assimilates the act of hurting or abusing an animal to the destruction of property. Not only is this concept morally questionable, but it also clashes with how the majority of Quebec citizens think.

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